Thursday, July 31, 2014

More Waitin' & Brett's Brag Board

Went to the doc today for bloodwork and ultrasound and they called me back and said we needed to wait another week and check everything again. So, I was disappointed and sad but I do want everything to be just right for the embryo transfer. Later today, I was Pinteresting mindlessly and saw this quote:

Joseph waited 13 years.

Abraham waited 25 years.

Moses waited 40 years.

Jesus waited 30 years.

If God is making you wait, you're in good company.

Made me feel better. Okay, now on to the mushy stuff. Yesterday was Brett's birthday and I just have to take a minute and talk about how amazing my husband is. I wanted to share a letter he wrote me a few weeks ago word for word, but he wanted to keep it, in it's entirety, between us. (and sharing the whole thing might be a little too braggadocious..) I think I forgot between the shots, and the meds, and the every-other-day doctor visits, that Brett is going through this right along beside me. Even though he did run out of the room the first time he watched me do an injection..hmmmm..

But anyway, that letter he wrote meant so much to me because it put into words what I wanted and needed to hear in the middle of all this. He told me he was awake at 2:00 in the morning because he was so nervous and excited about the next few weeks. He let me know that he was proud of me and appreciated what I was putting my body (and mind) through to get us to the prospect of a Baby BooHeini. He told me that God drew up our plan long ago and that everything happens for a reason. He said that I handled tough situations with grace and courage, and that he respected me. And finally, he wrote how much he loved me. I was just blown away by his words. For those of you who know Brett, he's not the type to wear his heart on his sleeve, so all his thoughts written out like that meant a lot and I know he would trade places with me if he could.

Ohhh Ellie & Carl....gets me every time.

Trials and tribulations like this can really put a "wear and tear" on a relationship, but they can also show you what you're made of. Granted, right now I may be made of progesterone, but my husband told me I'm brave and strong, and that's all that matters.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

"Crisis Averted" (in the words of Brett)

I went to the doctor today for blood work for the first time since the egg retrieval and the nurse called me with my instructions and started with how I'm supposed to go back to doing my Lupron shots, which I still had left from a few weeks ago. Then she begins naming off medicines I didn't have and had never heard of. She said they should have been delivered a week ago..say what?!

So I had to call the pharmacy and get them to overnight the meds by 5:30 (it's 4:00 at this point). I call and of course the girl's on lunch for the next hour, so I leave a message on her voice mail and with her assistant, and then I wait patiently freak out and make sure the volume on my phone is at maximum level, pray, check it 20 times, pray, drink a glass (or 3) of wine to calm the nerves, pray, wait until the hour is up, pray, and call again and.. yes! She answers. I exasperatingly explain what's happened and my life is over if I don't get these meds by tomorrow and my sweet baby angel frozen embryos are counting on being transferred the week of August 4th so I must have this shipment a.s.a.p.!

Well, the pharm rep Andrea' made it happen and I'll have all of it tomorrow. So we're still a go (as of now) for the transfer for the first week of August. Wheeew..I exhaust myself.