Monday, May 18, 2015

Cantley's First Month

OK, so wish I could say it was sunshine and rainbows and everything was perfect these first few weeks, buuuut that would be a lie.  I was definitely on could 9 because I had this tiny human being that I absolutely adored and couldn't get enough of, but I was also recovering from major surgery, on pain pills, trying to breast feed, changing diapers while dodging a curiously strong stream of infant urine, delirious from lack of sleep, and looked and felt like I had been run over by a truck.  I know those first time mamas (and even 2nd, 3rd, & 4th time ones) can relate.  They (whoever "they" is) don't tell you how hard the first few weeks are..particularly, how hard the first night is.  We had no idea.  I had this delusional vision that I'd feed him, change him, and put him in his bassinet where he would sleep soundly for a few hours until it was time to wake up and repeat.  Noooo no no.

At the end of the day, we made it through or I guess I should say are making it through.  I know I will never get this precious time back.  This time where he sleeps on our chest and we breathe him in.  This time where I just get to hang out with my little man all day without the stress or worry of work.  This time where we just look at him while he sleeps wondering who he looks more like, me or Brett.
After the 1st night home.  :)
So my non-professional and first time mommy advice would be this (and I believe it's the most important advice I can give): do what works for you and your baby.  Whatever that may be.

All that being said, being a new parent is an exhausting and incredible feeling.  You don't realize how much you will sacrifice for this new little human that has taken over your lives or how much love your heart could hold for one tiny person. 

I would also say let people bring you food or come hold the baby while you take an uninterrupted shower or even a nap those first few weeks.  It helps more than you realize!

Naps on naps on naps.

Granny T

Daddy Doc and Granny T brought breakfast our 2nd day home.

So sweet!
Kasey & Zach meeting Cantley

Aunt Kelly came over to snuggle while I got to nap.
   Sissy (Aunt Amanda) took some 1 week old pictures for us.  I'm still in PJs & I'm okay with that.
SO in love

Sweet cousin Sam


In Daddy's baseball glove.

We had to sneak the bonnet on while Daddy was at work..haha

Oh Hey little Brett!

Meeting Uncle Jason

1st bath

Meeting Lily, Poppy, and Mary Jo

Cousins meeting. :)

Cooper's 1st time meeting Cantley.

He took to him very fast... thank goodness!

PawPAw & KK with all the grandbabies

All the guys (missing Blakey)

Preston can't get enough.  He asks to hold him every time he sees him.

1st stroller walk
Glamingo in our front yard even dressed for the new baby.
He did this once and I almost died from the cuteness.
1st time running errands alone.  He's a great wing man.
Uncle Blake & Aunt Chelsea's 1st time meeting him.
These sweet cousins love him so much!
1st Mother's Day!
Hist 1st "dressy" outfit on Mother's Day
We Snap Chat a lot.
1st BBQ Fest. 
Whatever it takes!
Paw Paw (my dad) picked out this gown.  "I'm Here!"  Yes, yes you are.
1st smiles..ahh
C is for Cantley
Playing dress up
My two guys  :)
Hmm..not sure about tummy time
"Baby Booheini has arrived"  love it!

Meeting the Fenlons.  Johnny was skeptical..haha

1 month old

Sweet Cantley,
   You are such a good baby!  These first few weeks have shown mommy & daddy so many wonderful things.  We already see your laid-back personality & we love how you go with the flow.  (Whether that be at BBQ Fest or on our back deck. :)  You are a great eater & are growing before our eyes.  You had already gained 5 oz at your 2 week check up.  You love your paci and you love to nap.  We still can't believe you're here and that you're ours! We love you so very much little guy.