Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cantley's 7th Month and a Family Engagement

We traveled to Charleston for Thanksgiving and had so much fun.  The best part was getting to see my brother, Blake & his girlfriend Chelsea get engaged!  Her family was there, our family was there,  and it was just a really great, wonderful time.
          Blake & Chelsea are two sweet souls.  Just a little shout out story about these two: Unknown to us, they held a BBQ fundraiser for Brett in Indianapolis after he was so sick this summer and was in the hospital for 10 days.  Our medical bills were crazy, and their little event helped us pay a big chunk.  It was such a generous and selfless act.

We're so happy that they found each other and we are so excited to add her to the Bousson Bunch!

Cantley also had a good time in Charleston.  Horse carriage rides, market visit, good food, and great company.  We celebrated his First Thanksgiving and his 7 month birthday.

Cantley's 5th & 6th month

Cantley's 5th & 6th months were filled with a lot of football and a lot of fun.  We went to the Germantown Festival, a few of Jake's football games, and a Collierville High game too.   We celebrated birthdays, Burger Fest, and had Halloween fun!  We also got our 1st ear infection, which was no fun, but Cantley was a tough cookie.  We had the sweet Cantrell cousins over for your 1st sleepover too!  Fun, fun fun!

Do whatchya gotta do..even at the Gtwon Festival..haha

Love it. :)


Quadruple the fun!

2 Vols & a Tiger

Sweet Boy,
You are  really coming into your little personality and we are having so much fun with you.  You love to play in your exersaucer, take long afternoon naps, and be in the center of all the action.  (You have a mild case of FOMO- Fear Of Missing Out. :)  We love you angel baby!!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cantley's 4th Month & an Ode to All Working Mamas

Wellll, I started back to work and I am behind on Cantley's monthly blog posts. 

This little boy re-steals our hearts every day.  He is so stinkin' cute.  He's so stinkin' squishy.  He's so stinkin' smell goody.  I just can't get enough.

Month 4th was complicated.  I went back to work (tear).  It was truly one of the hardest things I've had to do.  He had been my little sidekick for almost 14 weeks, day and night.  My little heart on the outside of my body.  And yes, he was going into the very capable and loving hands of my sister and my dad, but it still wasn't going to be me.  What if they didn't know that he likes his blankee next to his face when falling asleep?   What if he woke up from his nap looking for mama?  What if he didn't understand why I was leaving him?  All these thoughts and more flooded my mind as I rocked him to sleep the night before I had to go back.  Tears streamed down my face as I watched him fall asleep, him unaware that tomorrow was going to be a big change for us both.  How could I possibly leave this sweet angel behind?

But I did.  And I do.  Every day I wake up and do it all over again.  A lot of days are hard.  I still cry sometimes after I drop him off.  Sometimes because I'm so sad to not be with him for 8 hours, and sometimes because we had a tough night and I'm so tired I cannot fathom how I am supposed to go work for 8 hours and be the teacher I need to be for my kids at school.  This is tough stuff and I know so many can relate.   So I raise my Venti coffee cup to my mamas who are on this job-mom journey with me.  And I raise my cup to those mamas who are at home in the trenches with their babies and a few extras too, loving on them like they were their own.  Those days are long and hard as well. Because as we all know, every mama is a working mama.

I mean, I could hold squishy face all day.

Monkey overall swag.

So happy!

Ahhh...that fuzzy head!

Nuzzled in with Aunt Sissy for his nap...Nope, he's not spoiled at all.

Snuggling Saturdays are the best days.

Last pool day of the Summer.

Aunt Sissy met daddy and mama at McDonald's during In-Service week so we could have lunch with the Cantler.


Stud muffin.

Mama's boy.

Kicky pants.

QT with Uncle Blakcy.

"Rollin down the street eatin cheerios sippin on my box of juice!  Laid back.  With my mind on my mommy and my mommy on my mind."

Sam is the best babysitter around.  He takes such good care of Cantley.  Always making sure he has toys, his paci, and a buddy to play with.

He loves those Friday Night Lights!

What he thought of his 4 month shots.

His 1st fever..broke our hearts.

"Rock me mama like a wagon wheel."

    We love you so much baby boy!  Thank you for being such a go-with-the-flow baby.  You did much better than mommy did when I went back to work.  You were even a trouper through your 1st sickness.

PS-We'll get the hang of this "sleeping through the night" thing one day. :)