Sunday, December 7, 2014

Boy, Oh Boy!!

It's official:  We're having a baby BOY and we are very excited!!   It was such an exciting day and one I'll never forget.  Here's how it went:

I worked a half day and let my class vote on the gender.  The boys voted "boy" and the girls voted "girl" (with the exception of a few friends.)  They were so funny and couldn't wait to see if their votes were right when we come back to school on Monday.

Brett met me at home and we headed to the doctor.  We got back to ultrasound pretty fast which I was so thankful because I hadn't seen this sweet baby in 6 weeks!  (Torture!)  We immediately saw him, and he was moving! Wow!  ...all over the place!  The nurse was like "This baby will not stop moving so I can get his or her measurements."  Then all of the sudden, it was like he fell asleep and then she couldn't see the gender.  She kept poking my tummy to make him move but he was out.  She called him stubborn... Haha.. so I had to walk around the room a few times and then he cooperated.  We gave her a card and she brought the sealed envelope out to the waiting room for us.  It was SO tempting to open it.  Look at this precious miracle:

                                                                          A foot!

I mean, I just can't believe this is the same baby that started off as just a prayer to that little embryo then a sweet pea to a little gummy bear to a weird alien baby to this!  Ahhh!  It's amazing

My sister planned an incredible gender reveal party and KK and Paw Paw (my parents) had it at their house.  It was perfect.
Amanda hand crafted these adorable gingerbread boy & girl cookies!

My dad didn't know there were 2 cakes and thought this was the reveal cake so he called my mom & said "Well the surprise it ruined..I know what the baby is."  Bahaha    Oh, Paw Paw.

Acting casual..
All the Old Wives' Tales pointed to boy!
Carsen & Kate tallying votes.

Some of the besties.   Love these girls! 
                                                              The "Bousson" girls

Pink or blue?!?!

Preston was poking my stomach and saying "Babyyy" and oh lawd, look at Kate haha

Everyone wore red (for girl) or green (for boy) to cast their vote.
We are so thankful we've had these family and friends (plus some) that have walked beside us along this journey.

Party favor ornaments
Everyone getting ready..

 I love this picture!  Our first reaction after the tree lit up and you can see my brother and some of our best friends being FaceTimed in. Such an unforgettable moment!

                                                                Here's the video. :) :) :)

Kate's reaction to her reigning title as the only girl... and then she hid under the coats.


I can't believe we are going to have a son!  We cannot wait for this sweet baby.  It just got so much more real now that we know what's in there.  When I look at pictures of our baby boy, all I can think of is "answered prayers".  Lots and lots of answered prayers! Now it's time to shop..