Monday, June 29, 2015

Cantley's Second Month

They said it gets better every day and they were right. Cantley's 2nd month has been great. 

He's been brunchin'.
He's cuddled his wubbanub.
He's had pool time. 
He cheered on the Grizz. 
He's been practicing his smiles. 
He slept in his crib...for a little while. 
He went to Jerry's Snocones. 
He giggled. 
He got spoiled by Coco and Rozzy. 
He napped with brother and daddy. 
He slept 9 night. 
He met Uncle Donald. 
He got dressed by Dad & showed up to a party like this.
He cuddled Mommy & smiled in his sleep. 
He met his great grandma Nannie for the first time.
He smiled some more. 
He went on his 1st road trip to Florida. 
He was a beach bum for a few days. 
He ate seafood..well, Mommy did. 
He got to wear his cute beach clothes. 
He got loved on by his cousins. 
 And here he is at his 2 month check up. 
10 lbs and 22 1/4 inches
Good job buddy!
So sad mommy wasn't there, but Aunt Sissy filled in nicely. 

Cantley Jo, 
 Every day I can't wait for you to wake up so I can see your big blue eyes, smell your fuzzy head, and kiss your squishy cheeks. You are our little sidekick and are so fun to take around town. You are well-behaved most of the time. We are just enjoying you so so much. You are a smiling machine and I love seeing you light up when you hear my voice.  So glad you're ours.