Monday, April 13, 2015

Showers for Cantley

Being the "guest of honor" at the baby showers was very surreal.  I couldn't believe that we were at this point in the pregnancy, when just a year ago we were just trying to accept the fact that we may never get to experience pregnancy and/or parenthood.  We have not taken any moment for granted and I really tried to soak it all in.  We are so blessed to have so many people that have joined our journey to Baby BooHeini.  They have continued to pray and support us this whole time and we are so very grateful.  We had 3 amazing showers for little Cantley!

Our first shower was given by my aunts and it was so sweet.  Cantley got so many wonderful things, and we could definitely feel the love being surrounded by so many lovely ladies that I have known for many, many years. 

My sweet hostess aunts: Aunt Julie, Aunt Tracy, and Aunt Kelly.

Looking like my mom in this picture.  Brett calls it "the Kath Path"

That little outfit was my dad's when he was a baby. :)

I saw a mobile with woodland creatures on Etsy that I just loved but it was super expensive.  My sister MADE me an even better one.  So cool!

Cantley's grandma's: Mama C & KK

Cantley's Aunt and my sweet sister

Aunt Rach (who is carrying Cantley's future wife)  & Aunt MG

The 2nd shower was given by my sweet co-workers at Southwind.  My school family has been some of our biggest supporters throughout this whole process.  I'm very blessed to call these sweet people co-workers and friends. 

I'm sad I didn't get a picture with the Pre-K & Kindergarten teacher hostesses & with the other people that were there, but I forgot my big mama camera & just had my camera phone. #placentabrain

Our final shower was given by 4 of our best friends.  We included the guys on this one and it ended up being a big, fun celebration.  The games were hilarious, the food was delicious, and our hearts were full, as we were surrounded by the people we share life with and get to share our baby's life with.  Cantley will be so loved by this loud and crazy bunch. :)

BBQ and Potato Salad..nothin' better!

Nashville friends made the drive in to shower Cantley.

The amazing hostesses and 4 of my best friends.

So excited Brett got to experience all the baby shower fun!

These girls have been so good to me, Brett, and Cantley.

The shower was at these sweet friends' lovely home.

PawPaw & KK
Uncle Donald
Wes loved baby showers. :)

Memphis football from Uncle Jakey

Our friend Richard got creative with his gift wrapping.

Ready for baseball season with Coach Daddy

So stinkin' cute! 

Auntie Rach & Auntie MG

Aunt Kimmie & CoCo

Daddy, PawPaw, and Uncle LuLu
This is so funny!!!


Getting a little help from


The ladies' turn


Roz, being Roz..haha

Baby keg for the baby shower. 

Most of "Cantley's Crew"  

Cantley is one lucky little dude.  We got everything we could possibly need and so many wonderful things that we wanted.  We absolutely cannot wait for him to get here.