Sunday, January 4, 2015

Baby BooHeini Has A Name!

We have a name for this child and we love it!  He shall be called..... Cantley.   ( after his daddy) Brett's middle name is Cantley.  I've loved this name since I met Brett and we both wanted to use something meaningful and unique.  Now I can't imagine calling him anything else.  I love saying it: "Cantley just kicked" or "In Cantley's room".'s just too cool!   It's so fun to see his name too!

We had a wonderful Christmas and Cantley got some precious gifts.

I kept thinking about how different next year would be when we have a 6 month old!  I still can't believe we are so blessed to be pregnant and that this is OUR baby.  I also thought a lot about Christmases past and how every year we would think, "Next year we'll be pregnant" or "Next Christmas we'll have a baby."  So if you're in that boat now, I've definitely been there and my heart goes out to you.  We spent 4 years of Christmases, Mother's Days, birthdays, etc. feeling this way and it's not fun.  But my advice to get through any holiday or event when you're feeling left out or down about not having a little one yet or for whatever reason is to:
 -Enjoy your spouse and your fur baby if you have one.  Cooper gets a stocking and we open it together as a family on Christmas morning.. and we take pictures of him..and it's awesome. 
-Hang out with the kids in your life- hang out with three at the same time 5 years old and under and that'll really make you forget about the baby waiting game for a while.
-Have fun with your friends.  Go on trips, to concerts, and long drawn out dinners. You know, the stuff you won't be able to do spontaneously once you actually have a child.  
-Drink wine. Because you can. ;)
-Leave early or don't go at all if you can't handle it.  I remember last year on Mother's day, I just couldn't make it to church.  I knew they'd ask all the mothers to stand. They may talk about what it means to be a mom, something I hadn't gotten to experience yet.  I wanted to be beside my mom to honor her, but I knew my heart was broken because it was another year of not having a child.  So I just met her for lunch afterwards.  Do what ya gotta do!
Also, Happy New Year!  I'm pumped about 2015 and I hope you are too.  A lot can happen in a year...