Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Bumpy Road Has Another Kind of Bump

will never forget this day as long as I live. I won't forget the agonizing anxiety, the sweet relief, or the extreme excitement.

I went in to the doctor at 7:30 Saturday morning for my HCG blood test. This was THE test. This test would tell me if my levels were high enough to be proclaimed "pregnant" or if we had a heartbreak waiting for us. When I left the doctor, I sat in my car and just cried..I just had to. The mixture of stress and relief was overwhelming. It was over, but hopefully it was just beginning.

Once I contained the cray, I called Brett and asked him on a breakfast date. We went to Brother Juniper's and by the time we was 9:00. Well that only killed an hour of next up "operation how to keep yourself busy while waiting on a phone call that could potentially change your life." We ran a few errands then went to my parent's pool.

I kept checking my phone. Brett kept checking my phone. Then at about 1:30 it rang. I've never moved so fast in my life. I ran to the side of the house with Brett following close behind. "Mrs. Heinrich we have your test results. Your levels were really good and your test came back positive." OMG! I screamed. I started shaking. I gave a "thumbs up" to Brett and after a few more words from the nurse, hung up the phone.

Like I said, I will never forget this day. I'll never forget sobbing into Brett's arms and the moment we shared together. I won't forget my niece Kate's sweet face peeking around the corner to see if we were happy or sad. I'll always remember coming from the side of my parent's house and saying "positive" to my silent, waiting family. I'll never forget hugging my mom and us staining each others shoulders with tears. I'll never forget my sister's elated scream, my brother in law's smile behind the camera, or my dad's watery eyes. (and of course my baby brother Jake's woo hoo from his pool float...and by "baby" I mean 16 year old.) It was just one of those days.

We told our closest friends and family and now I'm telling you: Ice Ice BABY!!!

That's right! We have one little Baby Booheini in there and we are beyond happy. It's still early, I'm just about 7 weeks, but we got to see the teeny tiny heart beating this was so crazy! We want to share early because this little life matters and it's absolutely amazing what God has done. Also, with IVF, and especially blogging about IVF, you kind of have to share early on because people are wondering (and asking lol) "Did it work? Did it work?"

Thank you for praying for this miracle! and please continue to pray that this little sweet pea (literally, because that's what size it is) hangs in there for the long haul.

Looks like a gummy bear. :)

And to my precious people who are still waiting on or who have lost their little one: