Friday, November 28, 2014

Baby On the Go

We haven't gotten to see this sweet baby since our 12 week ultrasound and it has been  killing me!  We went to the doctor last week and got to hear the heartbeat, so it made me feel better.  It has held steady at around 150 since the first time we heard it.  Luckily, these past few weeks have been busy busy, so that has helped.

We went to Oxford for the Ole Miss/Memphis game and to celebrate Kelly's 29th Birthday.

We celebrated Halloween with our annual Henirich Halloween Party.  Baby BooHeini made an appearance as our little pot of gold with Brett as the head leprechaun haha..

We just love our friends and the fact that they always participate with costumes. :)

This is how I told my class about Baby BooHeini.  None of them really caught it at first until our Morning Meeting when I drew their attention to it and I said "What do y'all think my shirt means?"  and I hear a little, nonchalant voice say "pregnant"...  #unimpressed  haha  but a lot of the kids were excited.  It was very cute!

We saw Eric Church in concert...Baby's First concert!

We went to Little Rock to surprise Brett's MiMi for her 80th Birthday. It was a sweet celebration.

Next, it was off to New Orleans for the Memphis/Tulane game and to celebrate MG's 30th birthday!  It was a very fun trip and I hung til midnight both nights..what what!

Hey Bay Bay!  #16 weeks

We celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary.  The time has flown by.  I can't wait to add on to the life Brett and I have created over the last few years.  

The next weekend we went to Newton, MS for my cousin's wedding.  We got to visit with a lot of family, stay in a cute B&B, and eat a lot of good food.  Baby BooHeini came along to.
Thanksgiving Week...#17weeks

We are finding out the gender next Friday and cannot wait!  We have an appointment that afternoon and then a party that night.  Stay tuned...